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We are so excited to launch our new series of books and art publications with the pre order of Tony Tornay's "South Of Ten" ....a beautiful collection of his iconic photographs of the Mojave Desert and surrounding sights.

Tony Tornay is a artist, photographer and musician from Rancho Mirage California.

He is a founding member of the desert rock pioneer band Fatso Jetson, and also plays for  the band All Souls from Los Angeles California.

Notes on the book from Mario Lalli::::

"The Mojave desert in Southern California truly has a unique magic of
balance. Rugged desolation and nomadic decay is met by the plush
oasis of palm trees, natural springs and beautiful mountain ranges. Its
no wonder people from all over the world come here to bask in its
potent natural energy. Creatives, nature lovers, peace seekers, and
hell raisers and snow birds all seem to find what they need in this
unique environment. Photographer / writer / musician Tony Törnay
lived his young life here in the Coachella Valley..a restless punk kid
seeking creative refuge from the suburban settlements of the resort
communities. Armed with his camera, Tornay trained his eye on the
fringes …where the golf course ends and the desert begins. His
accompanying writing reflects a gratitude, respect and passion for
the place that both inspired his life and yes …at times bored him to
Mario Lalli

48 pages od desert-centric photographs and accompanying texts. 

Soft cover, Perfect bound, printed on heavy weight quality stock

12" x 9" x 0.25"

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