Woodcut Designed by artist Leah Polk

Off White on Black T-shirt

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Desert Hand

Jackie Suzanne on Nov 4th 2020

This is my new favorite shirt. I love the art and it’s so soft.

Nothing short of incredible.

Joshua Larabie on Aug 12th 2020

I've been collecting band shirts for a couple decades now. I own numerous comfortable, stylish, and well-fitted designs from many bands, yet this may honestly be the greatest I've ever purchased. Leah Polk should truly be proud, and the construction of the shirt is excellent. It's perfectly sized, comfortable, and for once a shirt actually looks better in-person than it does on a store page. The graphic appears off-white on the site, but is a gorgeous sepia in actuality, resembling the sand and canyons on the graphic - and it FEELS like it too! The design isn't a smooth and flat feel (like most shirts), rather, the design has a tactile graininess that completes the aesthetic. Despite this, the shirt itself is comfortable, and even the tag that comes with it does not make the neck or skin itch. I'm genuinely impressed, and graciously happy to help support this one-of-a-kind band. Thank You so much, everyone! <3